Saturday, July 4, 2015

All In Two Months' Time

Absurdity has a precise meaning in one of philosophy's "school of thought". And if you use it for whatever purpose, then its technical definition dwindles and becomes one of the varied meanings of the same word. The opposite person in the dialogue table now has to sift through its equivocal equivalents. Unlike in the "hard" sciences, in which one theory has an equivalent mathematical formula or set of formulae and governed by the relationship within the limits of the terms in a relatively closed system, in the world of vocabulary and terminology, its use becomes very specific insofar as its relative usage is concerned. The difficulty is compounded by the fact that the next person may interpret it otherwise. In the third level, a third party has the power to bend it in order to suit it along their own ideological lines. In the end, the original intent is lost in the view of the overgrowth of appended meaning in the series of time and space. 

But there is a growth that is hermeneutically viable in the lapse of history, only if it flows as a logical and natural expression of the original intent. Activism that is synchronous with verbal voluntarism may only lead to confusing cloud of misrepresentation that only the handful of an elitist power may hold sway.

It is really absurd if absurdity is itself not defined as being absurd in the first place. For how to arrive at a more complex application of the term begins with the basic notion of what the word represents. Just as one thinker in the Middle Ages said that all interpretation begins with the literal sense, so it is in this process that we can truly arrive at what the word originally means. - July 4, 2015.

Why such a nagging feeling that never goes away? I don't believe it lies in the gut, but in the upper recesses of the body - in the seat of the modes of thoughts, in the area where such things ought to exist and has its locus for life. It keeps on coming even when others which lie outside it would like to surpass it, exceed it, or unseat it. But this feeling does not go away, for it has a way of its own, where no one knows how. It knows me more than I know it, for it came before I came and it exists before I. It knows its ways when nobody knew it first. It is not foreign to anyone, for anyone has a knack of knowing its own claims. Everyone has a blood of it, which goes right to the heart, where the thinking has a depth that the mind is so weakly trying in the grips. Why? Only the mind knows its faults and its fragility before the face of its claims. It cannot face up to the standard of this IT. No matter the mind evades from its pervading eyes, it only shuns its own self, for it is it who is the fount - the key where to exist exists. - June 24. 2015.